Our culture unfortunately pairs meat with masculinity in a way that discourages many men from taking steps towards making their diet more healthy and ethical. This blog is geared toward the average man who did not grow up learning how to cook, has a need for sports nutrition, but also wants to take steps toward a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle. Most of these RECIPES therefore are quick, cheap, protein dense, and delicious. You will also find "KNOWLEDGE DROPS" for vegan FAQs I commonly hear from men, and also vegan sports supplement reviews. There are also TRANSITION STORIES from real men for motivation and inspriation. Good luck to all: if I can do it, you can do it. Fear not my enculturated brethren! Of course, this blog is equal opportunity and people of all genders will hopefully enjoy these recipes!

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Vegan Knowledge drop #2: Professional atheletes and veganism

There are few people in the world who are better athletes than NFL players.  Not only can NFL players push as much weights as many power lifters, but they are also fast as sprinters!  This news story about a vegan NFL fullback is just one of many awesome publicity pieces that have been coming out lately as more people come to their senses about the vegan diet.  An increasing number of athletes are going vegan, and the results are always the same.  Not only do they experience no losses in performance, but they experience increases in performance. 

If any man thinks he has a greater protein or sports-nutrient need than a 6’0, 242lb NFL fullback, he is living in a dream world.

Now a vegan, Fiammetta stronger than ever

For a broader overview of current professional atheletes who are vege/vegan check out a related article.  Very eye-opening for the doubters. 

Professional Athletes who choose not to eat meat

What people will eventually realize is that most professional athletes and weight-lifters eat meat because of arbitrary tradition, not because of confirmed science or experience that suggests that a vege/vegan diet can’t work.  I really don’t know how to stress this fact enough.  Next time you are in the gym or another context, ask someone why they need to eat meat.  First they will say, “I need the protein.”  If you press them as to why they think that they will say, “I just know you can’t get enough protein from plants”.  Then you refer them to my earlier post to show them this is incorrect.  Then they will say, “I need for meat increased performance, it just makes sense.”  Then you will refer them to this post.

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